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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inside the Artist's Head

Inside the Artist's Head is a nifty hardcore band from Sweden. Their go for the throat sound has been tearing out juggulars everywhere since early 2010. With music made of raw aggression and breakneck riffs Inside the Artist's Head are an impressive hardcore band in a scene that is bloated with posers. Note though that a metal influence can still be found within their crazed attack. These metal touches help give the music a bit more flavor than your standard hardcore release. I love the no holds barred attack of songs like "We do it for the Music and not the Fashion", while there are breakdowns they are by no means the focal points of the songs. Instead they help to keep the musics forward momentum and give the listener a slight reprieve from the almost grindcore-like attack that the band can have. Dedicated to their music these guys seem like they have the attitude and energy to succeed on an international stage, they just need a few breaks to make it happen.

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