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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Gabriel Construct

Interior City cover art

The Gabriel Construct is a nifty prog band from Maryland who has had guest features from ex members of Periphery. An interesting and innovative project The Gabriel Construct has an interesting avant garde sound filled with all sort of unique digital elements that allow the band to take their unique music to a new level. A one man project it's impressive that one guy has such a great level of musical virtuosity.  The fact that the songs are all fairly accessible is also great. While the more technical elements are prominent they do not seem like they would alienate non musicians. In many ways they actually help to create a layered and beautiful sound. It suggests that he might be able to *gasp* profit from his music. I love the electronic effect on the vox it helps to keep the music tasty and interesting. In conclusion, if you're looking for nifty new prog to check out from a genius musician The Gabriel Construct is rgith for you. With stellar songwriting and lots of wonderful atmospheric parts their new record Interior City is a testament to the greatness of trve prog.

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  1. This review nails this album. The style is edgy and definitely draws you in the more you hear it. I love the vocal harmonies, and the lyrics are amazing and really deliver a cool story. "Interior City" is a great debut album for The Gabriel Construct. Think this guy has mad skills!