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Saturday, March 16, 2013

El Doom & the Born Electric-El Doom & the Born Electric

El Doom &the Born Electric are a tasty prog band from Norway. Their frontman is in fact the father of one of the members of Kvelertak. After seeing them live last night, I am thrilled to say that their debut record El Doom & the Born Electric is a tasty slab of prog rock ripe for the picking. This collection of 7 tracks (With not a single one under 5 minutes) show the magic of this band. Their solid songwriting and nifty guitar parts that seem to fuse garage rock with Rush type prog, prov that El Doom  & the Born Electric are filled to the brim with the potential to be great.

The raw energy incarnate in El Dooms singing is beautiful. It has a groovy earthy vibe that flows gently through the sound and grounds some of the more fanciful playing in reality. Part of what makes this record special is that its prog infused with a rock and roll grit. Even though their are airy and psychedelic choruses the sound is still firmly rooted in old school garage rock. Overall though, the songwriting is spectacular and I love how extended pieces like the lead single Fire Don't Know manage to stay interesting without getting too flashy for the duration of the piece.

In conclusion El Doom & The Born Electric is a promising debut from a band who seem to be some of the greatest up and comers in modern prog. Their down to earth and back to the roots brand of prog rock seems like something that will endure many a trial and tribulation. With nearly 6000 facebook fans already and a great tour currently ongoing with the mighty Kvelertak it seems like El Doom & the Born Electric will be bringing their popularity to a whole new level in 2013. For fans of prog or fans of bluesy hard rock El Doom  & the Born Electric is a crunchy and powerful band you won't soon forget!

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  1. I agree, El Doom & the Born Electric is so fucking good!