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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Devils Rage

Devils Rage is a nifty thrashy melodic death metal band from Sursee Switzerland. Their music can be both mysterious and go for the throat. This dichotomy is very well executed and songs like Because of You see it implemented beautifully. The thrash metal energy is great and when it is tempered by dazzling melodic lines or even particularly tasty riffs the music is brought to a new level. Filled to the brim with a great death metal energy Devils Rage seek to oust all that is laid back about melodeath and replace it with pure brutality. Whats remarkable about Devils Rage is that they can keep their high powered thrashy songs interesting for extended periods of time. The melodic death metal side of their sound means that Devils Rage can easily write songs over 4 minutes long with no fear of becoming redundant. In brief, Devils Rage is a great and marvelously heavy melodeath band that all fans of the genre should check out!

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