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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sideburn-IV Monument

When I first put this record on I thought to myself "Is this unreleased Black Sabbath?" I was disappointed to find out it was not. Yet, I was still very impressed by Sideburns excellent songwriting and groovy sound which nicely fuses old school riffs with more modern hard rock elements. The end result of this fusion is a magical and progressive breed of doomy hard rock. Their latest release IV Monument is a wonderful  tribute to classic rock while still keeping some modern elements in the sound. Taking some of the most legendary and magical aspects of the gods of rock IV Monument is a ton of fun to listen too and entraps the listener in its musical wiles.

Whats notable about this band is the ability of the guitarists to vary their riff style such that on one song they can be very much in the Sabbath vein (As they are on Diamonds) and other times very much reminiscent of Jimmy Page (As they are on Silverwing). Yet they are all united by common threads of doomy heaviness and light touches of stuff from the modern scene. I really love the guitar solos too, they show off some technical skill, but their main purpose seems to be making the music more layered and intricate. This is helped by the stellar production which shows itself throughout the record. It allows the progressive side of the band to shine through.

In conclusion, fans of classic rock will adore Sideburn. They have a lot of groove and riffs that can be reminiscent of a diaspora of classic bands. Amazingly, instead of sounding confused they are brought together by their general doominess and some stylistic elements that reminds us of what decade we're in anyway. Something the listener can get lost in IV Monument is worth many a spin. If you're looking for some heavy and doomy rock, you have found your band. Sideburn are rock and roll warriors and it seems like no one can stop them from becoming huge!

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