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Monday, March 25, 2013

Face Down-The Long Lost Future

A lot of modern thrash is obsessed with technique or speed. Both of which are definitely key aspects of the genre, yet it is easy to forget the third key ingredient, groove. Face Down is a Parisian band that makes sure to push the groove to the max to accent their tasty Lynyrd Skynyrd influenced sound. Their new record Long Lost Future is the latest metal fodder from Blue Wave Productions and I must say, it is a refreshing blast of thrash metal madness that seeks to explore a different, groovier vein of the genre than many modern purveyors might investigate.

The crunchy riffing and bluesy solos of Long Lost Future belie the true might of Face Down. This is a band that takes the bluesy southern rock formula and turns it to 11. While there are some definite hard thrashing moments that is but the background for the true nature of the music. Layered on top of a standard Metallica styled thrash vibe come loads of chunky rhythm and old school riffs that make Face Down into something unique. They have a more punishing attack than many who seek to fuse metal and blues yet they are simultaneously much more influenced by classic rock than most modern thrashers. The end result is interesting and hard to turn off!

To wrap up, Long Lost Future shows a promising new breed of thrash that Face Down seek to spread across the world. With hard partying songs like Poker Time and My Last Tequila Face Down they have uncovered a great combination of bluesy groove and metallic heaviness. I especially enjoy the phenomenal solos that really give the music the magic of the 70s and the sheer aggression of thrash bands like Overkill Face Down have come upon an excellent mix which is accented by great riffs and magnificent songwriting. Something that could unite both classic rockers and modern metallers Long Lost Future is a hard rocking slab of metal magic.

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