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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spiral Arms


Spiralarms is a groovy hard rock band with southern rock sensibilities and a ton of groove. Featuring former members of Death, Forbidden, Systematic and Man Made God, you gotta love these guys and their rock and roll sensibilities. Their songs have an earthy feel to them that keeps them grounded in reality. It reminds me a lot of bands like Gypsyhawk, they hit the soul and really resonate with the listener. Spiralarms have a supreme confidence to them that reminds me of Pantera. This confidence allows their riffs to ring out with an intimidating power that shows these guys are destined for greatness. They are unashamed of their sound and seems to be almost always turned up to the max. In brief, Spiralarms know how to rock and anyone who appreciates the heavy stuff will definitely be grooving along to their chunky guitar parts. With strong songwriting and some riffs that just make me want to dance this is a delicious band who any fans of hard rock will love.

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