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Friday, March 8, 2013


Hard hitting stoner rock is hard to come by in this day and age. Clutch seems to dominate the genre and few other bands really create music on their level. Fortunately Grande can. With a heavy blasting hard rock sound filled with the groovy riffage of Pantera Grande are a tasty band with a flair for everything that is rock and roll. Turned up to 11 and filled with a crazed rock and roll energy Grande is a ferocious force in the fantastic world of trve rock who will not be denied, they seem almost destined for greatness.

I love the raw groove that the music embodies. It pushes forward with an almost sludge metal level of destruction. It has tons of vicious rhythm parts that get your head banging. These are nicely contrasted by crazed solos on songs like Souldier which reek of rock and roll. Some of the heavier riffs remind me quite a bit of Kvelertak. A couple of the songs have a bit more of an old school or even vest metal feel to them. A good portion of the tracks rely on powerful bluesy licks to allow the music to bust forward with a Black Sabbath like level of destruction.

In conclusion, this is a pvre rock and roll record for all the hard rockers out their. Filled with groovy riffs and an old school mentality there is not a lot of bad stuff to be said about this band. They drive forward with a hectic certainty that is rarely found on the modern scene. Go for the throat and pumped up with energy Grandes eponymous debut is a powerful chunk of heavy rock and roll that will not have its place in the pantheon of Chuck Berry denied.  

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