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Friday, March 8, 2013

Molllust-Bach Con Fuoco

I have always loved the bombast of Bach. His music is filled with twists and turns and is very influential in the world of heavy metal. So what better way to celebrate Bach's bombast and virtuosic work than by having a metal band re-arrange it? That is exactly what Mollust seek to do on their latest EP Bach Con Fuoco. It is a tribute to the masterful music of the great Johann Sebastian Bach himself. their musical artistry has seemingly reached its zenith as they take these baroque masterpieces to a whole new level.

The arrangements are not heavy handed at all, instead the use of metal instruments is very tasteful and keeps the spirit of the music. I really like how the guitars and keys work in tandem to craft Bachs intricate melodies. Meanwhile the vocals give credit to the original spirit of Bach while adding the operatic quality that defines Molllusts sound. Bach Con Fuoco is a work full of promise and hope for the symphonic metal genre. In brief, Molllust manages to make the songs very much their own while paying respect to one of the greatest musical masters of all time.

To conclude, Bach Con Fuoco is a beautiful piece of classical artistry that makes for some very intelligent and majestic metal. It pays full tribute to one of the most influential musicians of the second millennium. Clearly the work of virtuoso musicians who know how to create some wonderful work that will surely stand the test of time Mollust continues to drive their music forward and prove that classical music and metal really aren't that far apart at all!

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