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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grimmortal-Execrating Normality

Yet another stellar release from the exploding Indian metal scene Grimmortal is a gloriously heavy deathcore band who manage to nicely incorporate pig squeals into their songs making them into something I actually enjoy rather than actively shun. This is just one testament to the stellar songwriting power of Grimmortal. Their music is wonderfully brutal and the chunky rhythms that their sound embodies are filled with a magnificent and powerful groove. This is a record that shows the glory and potential that nu metal tinged deathcore can have. Rather than just being the domain of posers Grimmortal shows that traditional deathcore can still be an interesting and dynamic genre.

One of the most notable aspects of this groups sound is their excellent implementation of breakdowns. Often used in conjunction with pig squeals the end result is impressive and shows the power that the genre can have. The song Fatality does an especially good job with its breakdown. Their are also quite a few solos that, while not necessarily technically dazzling, certainly do add a lot of flavor to the tracks. This helps to make the sound more rounded and gives a lot of spice. Finally, the groove of the band is fantastic and I think that could help to make them huge. It gives them a gut churning might that few acts can emulate. In brief, Execrating Normality is a fascinating release that speaks to the people and shows the magic of the genre.

In conclusion, Grimmortal is a potential packed group and hearing their songwriting wizardry in action can be paradigm shifting. Rife with haunting melodies and bone shattering breakdowns Grimmortal show themselves to be potential deathcore lords. Proving once more that metal from the Indian subcontinent will come up and  dominate the world in the 21st century, Execrating Normality is a great deathcore record that any fan of the genre will enjoy. With magnificent song structures and inspired use of pig squeals and breakdowns Grimmortal prove themselves as up and coming deathcore gods on this debut release.

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  1. Heeee. That album cover makes me laugh.....Prateek dude what did you think before making this as an album cover. Your album cover is like your music. yOu need to improve on both of the... All the best....