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Friday, March 29, 2013



A sparky group from Merseyside Thunderground is a new group with a tightly polished hard rock sound that seeks to bring the music to the people. Formed only this year the no nonsense riffs and rock and roll grit of Thunderground makes for a tasty release that should appeal to many fans of modern hard rock. Also one of their members has a fabulous Afro, and if that doesn't make you destined for rock stardom I don't know what does. (And I've been doing this rock and roll thing completely wrong) Their debut single, titled Hypocrisy is an anthemic and fun rock track that shows a lot of potential in the band. It seems like these Englishmen have the capability and the know how too quickly rise to the top of the modern rock and roll game using strong choruses and skilled songwriting to create a sound all of their own. What seems to be ready to become an international rock force Thunderground are a promising act and I can't wait to see where they bring their sound in the near future!

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