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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alter Ego

Founded in 2009 Alter Ego is a tasty Portuguese female fronted prog band. With interesting and chunky rhythm patterns coupled with technical solos and fills this is clearly a group of masterful musicians who know the sound they want and how to achieve it. I love their beautifully layered sound which is surprisingly full considering that they are only a quartet. Despite this, Alter Ego succeed in crafting a very full and atmospheric sound that weaves its way into the listeners ears and holds them in thrall to their exquisite soundscapes. The intricate song structures never leave the listener bored and keep the songs pushing forward and engaging long after the 6 minute mark. In particular, the song Guillotine shows this bands remarkable ability to push to ever higher heights. To finish, a nifty prog act who show the magic of the rapidly growing Portuguese scene, Alter Ego is definitely worth a listen!

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