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Friday, March 15, 2013

Tracks in Motion

Tracks In Motion

Tracks in Motion is a nifty rock band made up of 15-16 year olds. Surprisingly enough, they don't suck! In fact, Tracks in Motion is a solid young rock band who show a lot of potential and maturity given their age. With crazed riffs and a vibrant teen energy Tracks in Motion are clearly ready to bring their music to the next level. Their debut single Infinity showcases their musical talent in a solid 5 minute slab of instrumental rock. While not hyper complex the execution is clean and their are lots of fun and flashy licks. The overall songwriting is also impressive, these guys know how to write solid and professional sounding stuff. If I hadn't been told of their age I would have thought these guys to be in the college range. Their solos are tasty and show a good understanding of music theory. In brief, Tracks in Motion is a fabulous young band who show that 16 year olds are not all obnoxious jerks. Tracks in Motion gives me a reason to listen to very young musicians and I'm thrilled to see where they go next!

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