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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Final Fight

The Final Fight

The Final Fight is a groovy hard rock band with a major bluesy influence. Since 2011 they have been belting out a devastating mix of blues, rock and metal. Their riffs are filled with a great crunchy tone that gives their sound an impressive meatiness. It really captures the magic of 70s era bluesy hard rock bands like Bachmann Turner Overdrive. The funk influence is also clearly apparent and helps the riffs to become a lot tastier. Meanwhile the solos have a bluesy might to them that is hard to find in the 21st century. The groove embodied by the band is great and the rhythmic element is obviously key to the band. The swagger of this power trio is also impressive. It allows the band to strut their stuff and portray themselves as the rock gods who they seek to be. Also, the garage rock feel of songs like Day By Day put the band in the realm of the  magic garage punk bands of the 70s and 80s. Its surprisingly addictive and a joy to listen to. In conclusion, if you want to find some old school heavy rock and roll with a big blues feel then The Final Fight might just be right for you!

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