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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Primitive Evolution-The Prize

A Primitive Evolution is a groovy (mostly) acoustic rock band with a darker vibe that nicely accentuates the inner conflict of the music. With their new record The Prize This Toronto trio takes the vibes of bands like Black Sabbath and re-invents them into a fairly bleak, yet strangely triumphant album. Their are also a variety of vocal harmonies and interesting layers to the music brought on by delicate touches from the groups female singer (The main parts are carried out by a male vocalist). The earthy might and inner despair of The Prize has a strange beauty to it and is not something that I will soon forget.

The songs are overall fairly simple and rarely make use of distortion or high tempos. Yet they have a blackness all of their own. These accents of despair flow nicely through songs like Won't Let You Down. Yet it should be noted, that even if the tracks seem depressing at times they always seem to come out with a victorious aura, creating a feel good atmosphere that makes the album worth multiple listens. Their is a lot of musical depth hear with a variety of flavors that almost remind me of the Smashing Pumpkins or even The Cure. In short, this is a wonderfully deep record that is often almost epic in scale it picks up the listener and carries them off on the dark wings of destiny.

To wrap up, A Primitive Evolution have made a majestic and enduring artistic statement that sweeps the listener off their feet and carries them on an Odyssean journey revealing a music that is both acoustic and strangely dark. Filled with brilliant vocal harmonies and lilts of of Led Zeppelin A Primitive Evolution is an album with a bizarre might that swoops into the listeners ears and fully entraps them in sound. As a whole The Prize is a fascinating release that stays with the listener. I am very much looking forward to see this groups future output!

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