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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pronostic-Deviated Inner Spectrum

Deviated Inner Spectrum cover art

There is a surprising lack of truly brutal melodeath on the modern metal market. For a long while the scene has been in decline and melodeath of the hard hitting bone crunching Slaughter of the Soul variety has seemingly seen its day. Yet every once in a while there comes a band with an album that gets that aggression as well as the requisite raw melody that the melodic death metal genre tag implies. Pronostic is that band and Deviated Inner Spectrum is that album. A powerful mix of destructive death metal and ridiculously high powered melodies this group seems to take equal influence from the Black Dahlia Murder as it does Sound of Perseverance era Death.

Their is a wonderfully technical quality to a lot of the riffs on this record. They use a lot of really interesting rhythms and crazed fills for an end result that is ever twisting and constantly pushing itself to a new level. I love the clear influence of The Faceless on songs like Desire to Kill which reveal the band to be skilled melodeath practitioners who are clearly highly talented musicians. The crazed solos further reveal the musical might of Pronostic. These tech death elements add a lot of flavor and raw energy to the sound of Deviated Inner Spectrum and make it a refreshing album that you want to spin again and again.

In conclusion, this is a magnificent melodic death metal record that will give you a new hope in the genre. Fusing the manic energy of Black Dahlia Murder with an At the Gates style attack Pronostic are visionary musicians who seem capable of taking on the world at an international scale. With all of the technicality of the later Death records alongsides chunky The Faceless style rhythms this record does not get old, it's simply always fresh! Yet another reason to love the Canadian metal scene Deviated Inner Spectrum is quite possibly my melodic death metal album of the year!

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