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Monday, April 1, 2013


Kama-Mara is a devastating death metal band from Phoenix Arizona fraught with crust punk and black metal influences. Songs like Lexicon of Chaos seem to point pretty clearly to the influence of Darkthrone. With lots of wonderfully crunchy riffs and twisting songs that are often fairly long Kama-Mara captures the essence of old school death metal while infusing it with some more modern tech death elements. This fusion of styles makes for some very tasty music. I love the demo quality of their songs. It helps to add to the old school tape trader vibe of the music. Its especially nice to hear the black metal type shrieks which are accentuated by the tape hiss recordings. In short, with a potent mix of crust punk, old school death metal, and unholy black metal along with some stoner metal riffs Kama-Mara is a potential packed band. Featuring a sound that is marvelously evil and yet still fairly accessible fans of blackened death should check this band out immediately!

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