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Monday, April 22, 2013

Biotoxic Warfare-Baptized in Blood and Greed

Biotoxic Warfare is a sick thrash metal band from Greece who could be described as a mix between Repulsion and Exodus. With a sound that at once mixes old school death metal with even older school thrash Biotoxic have an evil sound with a punishing drive that shows a band who are ready to start up mosh pits and bust skulls across the globe. Their new EP, Baptized in Blood and Greed is a testament to the enduring power of thrash metal and the magic that it has. These 4 tracks capture the essence of what it is to thrash and should appeal to any long haired fan of the most extreme music of the 80s.

The songs on this EP have a certain restraint to them, a restrain that shows how the band carefully walks the line between extreme and absolute madness. Constantly pushing the edge, they occasionally leap over the fence and drown the listener in a headbanging oblivion. The bridge on the ultimate track, Lust for Hate is a classic example of the raw anger these guys can have. I'd also like to call attention too the stellar cover of Death's Evil Dead. While still very much in the Biotoxic vein  it does justice to the song and shows that Schuldiners classics can endure into the 21st century.

In short, this is a band with a go for the throat thrash energy and lots of technical finesse. A group that is oftentimes inspiring and reveals the weird beauty of thrash metal done in the grand old style Biotoxic show a lot of promise with Baptized in Blood and Greed.  I love the crazed solos and sheer energy that seems to be exuded by this record. Whats truly notable about Baptized in Blood and Greed though is that this collection of songs would fit in perfectly in the old Florida thrash scene and I'm excited to see where they take their sound in the future!

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