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Sunday, April 21, 2013


A beautiful and strangely ambient black metal band Prohod is a group from Sibiu, With intricately crafted soundscapes that absorb the listener this is the kind of music that I can get lost in. Clearly talented players this group shows tons of promise. The ambient nature of their music means you can listen to them for hours on end and still revel in the inner beauty that their music possesses. I especially love the mournful violin parts, they add a haunting yet regal flavor to the sound. With a slow march ever forward this is a band who is hard to stop listening too, their is just so much beauty to be found in their work. Yet this is always contrasted by some excellent black metal attacks that show the inner power of the genre. This is further showcased in the exquisite songwriting that simply 'works' with the songs being in constant motion twisting and turning through the eardrums. Featuring a layered and varied sound and a interesting diaspora of instruments Prohod is a band that should appeal to any trve and kvlt black metaller. I eagerly await what the future holds for this band!

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