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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So as a fitting end cap on the celebrations surrounding the 20th of April I bring you the sludgy stoner doom of Howls latest opus Bloodlines. With horror tinged lyrics dedicated to ripping heads off and swirling riffs Bloodlines is a stunning epic that shows a band who could truly benefit from the Relapse label. The product of stellar songwriting and long hours in the studio this album brings trve metal to the ears of the pvre and grim. Beautifully evil and filled with a crushing might and tons of great riffs Howl is a band who will entrap you and force you to drink their devilish mix of doom and death metal.

Their is a certain raw groove here that is nicely complimented by both a crushing aggression and a tendency to go into more atmospheric doomy passages. It bleeds together and has an incredibly elegant and majestic end result, something that is hard to forget and epic in scale. The end result is a sound that somehow fuses Lamb of God, Sleep, and Cough this is a band who are a tribute to the magic of the American scene. With tons of crazed fills and explosive riffs this is an album that is worth many a spin, something you can mosh too, but also just enjoy before going to sleep Bloodlines flows from strength to strength revealing how incredible this band truly is.

In short, the effect of Howl's music on the listener is cathartic, they pull you in and slowly drown you in a pit of putrid metal might. Their wonderfully sludgy riffs and powerful sense of direction is something that is hard to find in modern metal and it creates something with an unholy beauty, something I could listen too for hours on end. Something that all fans of groovy death metal and stoner bands like sleep will love this is an engaging album that shows a band who are truly ready to become the next big thing in death metal. Destructive and magical this is an album any metalhead will want to check out.

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