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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Unripes-This is Not America

Modern Glam is not really something that you see a lot of. So when a band comes along who have labeled themselves as 'sleazecore' its interesting to hear a 21st century evolution of glam. Filled with a variety of sexual boasts, shredding solos, sing a long choruses and a rock and roll swagger with This is Not America The Unripes have created an orgasmic and mind melting slab of hard rock. Something that could very well have a universal metal appeal. These Italians have seemingly stumbled into making a brilliant album that shows a logical progression on the glam mastery of Motley Crue and White Lion.

The crazed soloing that seems to dominate this record is particularly reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold. It shows off a modern metal polish that seems to dominate the record. Yet this polish makes sense given the glam stylings of The Unripes music. Rather than coming across as contrive and bland This is Not America seems to be an extension of the bands very soul. It is hard partying rock and roll that fans of trve heavy metal bands will love along with lovers of more mainstream rock. With something for everyone This is Not America is truly a modern heavy metal masterpiece, showing a potential packed way forward for the glut that is modern metal.

In conclusion, this is a refined yet somehow distinctly primal piece of metal might. From the crazed energy of Track No 1 to the mournful tunes of The Star Beyond the Wall The Unripes have created a record with seemingly universal appeal.  Brought together by tight songwriting and a boisterous rock sound The Unripes will pump you up with energy and make you adore their musical mastery. Fans of hard rock and classic metal rejoice, with This is Not America The Unripes have brought it all to a new level and are ready to start busting skulls on an international stage!

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