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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Furykane is an explosive female fronted metal band that somehow finds a groove between extreme metal and aural caresses. The end result is a spiraling and powerful sound that seems to have at once the destructive might of the hurricane as well as the inner calm of the eye of the storm. A product of some excellent songwriting, this band consistently keeps their music fresh with unexpected twists and turns. More than just your average female fronted band Furykane finds a natural and beautiful fusion of clean vocals and screams. I love the way the bands music flows elegantly from more laid back rock parts into full on shrieked passages filled with hatred and anger. It really showcases the songwriting prowess that these guys have, the generally progressive nature of the songs furthers this, and shows the true skill of the musicians. A wonderful find for anyone who is seeking female fronted metal that goes beyond your typical 'wailing white woman' Furykane should be a pleasure to see live at the Batofar in Paris on Friday night!

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