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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cough/Windhand-Reflection of the Negative

Is it too early to call out an album as the doom release of the year? Becuase Reflection of the Negative  seems like it takes the cake. With three total songs this LP will carry the listener away on the dark wings of a unholy and demented eagle. Filled with a incredible and almost satanic strength Reflection of the Negative is a release that truly boggles the mind. The eighteen minute long opus from Cough flows nicely into the two shorter tracks from Windhand. Together these songs provide an incredibly deep and simply moving album that any fan of doom will have to genuflect before.

A slow crushing power is what defines both of these bands, however on this split the bands definitely stay true to their traditional sounds and exploit them to create an almost orgasmic whole. I love the way Cough manages to keep their track, Athame, constantly fresh, its enduring power is a testament to the sheer songwriting capabilities of the band. The slow drum intro provides a fitting aural preparation for the destructive forces that are to come into play. One of the most powerful moments on this record is the epic guitar solo on Windhands Sheperd's Crook. It provides a fitting bridge for one of the greatest doom metal tracks of 2013.

In short, there is nothing short about this release. With the shortest song, Amaranth, coming in at just under seven and a half minutes this is a doom metal record for the pvre. Demanding many a listen and a full dedication to the genre Reflection of the Negative submerges the listener into the beauty and power of these bands music and provides no escape. Crushing and yet also strangely beautiful this record embodies doom metal and shows two of dooms greatest bands at the top of their game on what will probably end up being the greatest split of 2013.

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