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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dreadful Silence


Dreadful Silence is a truly unique band, while their riffs are very much in the Pantera groove metal style with elements of thrash tossed in for good measure, they have a clown based image that is at once surprising and deeply unsettling. An idea that is seemingly taken from a Stephen King novel, their is an inner evil to their music that sets the listener on edge. The twisted nature of the sound enrapts the listener and forces you to acknowledge that Dreadful Silence understand how to make truly unholy and horror inducing metal. The creepy riffs on songs like Carnival of Dead Bodies both disturb and fascinate me. Dreadful Silence's clown image has more raw evil in it than most gore metal songs do yet it also has a brilliant groove to it that shows it could appeal to masses of metalheads. This fusion of something many are terrified of (clowns) with the Sepultura-esque riffage and magnificent songwriting that permeates their music makes for a band who will engross you and then slowly devour you in their clown inspired frenzy.

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