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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dead Cowboy Sluts

A destructive death metal band from Paris Dead Cowboy Sluts are a very tight and go for the throat band who emphasize the importance of a satanic and unholy speed and heaviness that is oftentimes reminiscent of Slayer. With a sound that is filled with rage, songs like I Will Hunt You Down or the breakneck The Hand of Death should appeal to any fan of brutal death metal. Their is a certain groove embodied here too that allows  the band to really shine. The rhythms allow for movement that is not strictly moshing, while there are lots of speedy thrash metal inspired passages the groovier parts, while still mosh friendly, allow for a bit of a change of pace and help to keep Dead Cowboy Sluts music fresh and appealing. I love the bone crushing quality that the riffs on songs such as This Hate have, they embody at once the best of old school death metal while mixing in some more Lamb of God-like groove metal aspects. As a whole, this group is very tight and their destructive riffs should start many a circle pit when I go to see them on Friday night!

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