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Friday, April 26, 2013

Darker Half-Desensitized

A feisty power thrash band with a Queensryche influenced sound Darker Half are a wonderfully energetic act with some stellar songwriting. Their new album, Desensitized is a tribute to the enduring power that this type of fusion of thrash and power metal can have. Filled with charging riffs and intense solos this is an album that any fan of 80s metal will love. At times reminiscent of Two Guys favorites Toxik Darker Half are filled with a barely restrained aggression that find glory in epic choruses and guitarmonies worthy of Iron Maiden.

This album truly flaunts the talents of its musicians. Most notably are the operatic vocals spewed around by the groups bombastic lead singer. Oftentimes reminiscent of a young Geoff Tate or even Bruce Dickinson this groups vocalist really helps to give the band their sound, he is the cornerstone of the glory and power that Darker Half seem to so dearly deserve. Also notable are the fabulous solos, flashy and meedly they are a lot of fun to listen to. They help give the music a fresh rock and roll energy which should not be discounted.

In conclusion, for fans of majestic and proggy 80s metal with a thrashier side Darker Half will capture your heart and force you to bend your knee before these metal gods to be. Hard riffing, head banging and generally excellent this is a band who seem easily capable of capturing thousands of fans with their punishing thrash metal attack and glorious power metal choruses. Fun and wild this album is worth many a listen, not so much because of the musics depth, but simply because the music is wholly enjoyable, something that should please legions of fans from different generations.

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