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Friday, April 26, 2013

Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce are a fresh and innovative world fusion duo who understand how to make interesting and jazzy compositions that appeal to the common man. The sheer skill and innovative nature of this band is perhaps best seen in their excellent cover of The Rolling Stones Paint It Black which simply takes the song to a whole new world of acoustic jazz fusion. They have a vaguelh hypnotic wah inspired soudn at times that really gives the band a strange and ethereal quality. It makes them unique to say the least, and definitely unique in a good way. I also love the dreamy jazzy solos found on many of their songs. It gives the music an otherworldly quality and allows the listener to get absorbed into their layers of sound. Clearly talented musicians, Wild Lettuce are a lot of fun to listen too and they have a very accessible sound that suggests they could become huge in the near future.

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