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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Distance cover art

I've always been a fan of epic prog albums. Ever since I was 15 and first heard Scenes from a Memory I have viewed the concept album as one of the peaks of musical artistry. Vultress's new record Distance is no exception. A majestic 76 minute slab of some of the most pure and organic prog that I have ever heard Distance has a spiraling beauty to it, as it flows throughout the 7 tracks that make up this record the music takes on whole new dimensions and goes to places that I have rarely heard prog go in the past. Brilliantly conceived and grand in scale Distance is a paradigm shifting and often earth shattering record that many a prog snob should love.

What is truly great about this record is the way it carries its prog rock sound to whole new levels with elements reminiscent of Between the Buried and Me. While the majority of the album is very much reminiscent of Dream Theater there are growled passages that shriek of Protest the Hero or even the Faceless. The guitar lines are often very technical and could often be compared to that of Scale the Summit. Another interesting aspect of this band is the oftentimes Hammond-like keyboard lines on some of the songs.  It provides an unexpected Deep Purple edge and helps to give the music a bit of an earthier feel and brings the band back to its Rush oriented roots.

In conclusion, the soaring lines and bizarre riffage on Distance will carry the listener away on an majestic aural journey that you never want to end. Filled with extremely long songs and huge keyboard lines this group of midwestern metal illuminaries seem ready to take their own brand of prog to an international scale. Clearly talented musicians and visionary songwriters this is one of the great prog albums of 2013. The amount of work and passion that was poured into this record is clear from the first listen.Its a rather inspiring record all around and the labor of love that this album is is readily apparent. If you're at all into Dream Theater, Haken or even Between the Buried and Me, you need to check this album out!

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