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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Demon Prayers-Morbid Terror

Crazed rethrash from Greece Demon Prayers is a sick act who use pulsing rhythms and a stripped back sound to create music that shows a band ready to start circle pits across the entire country. Since 2009 they have been pumping out their unholy and twisted riffs. Their new EP Morbid Terror is their first studio release and shows a band who, while a bit rough on the edges, definitely have gallons of potential. With powerful riffs and flashy solos, these guys have a clear idea of what they want to do, if they can fully realize the promise they have shown on this release then they just might be able to come into their own as thrash metal lords.

One of the most notable aspects of this groups sound is their huge bottom end. Songs like Feeble Echos truly flaunt the huge power that their bassist has. He gives the band a new vitality and pushes the music to new extremes. It adds a lot of flavor and nicely accentuates the twin guitar attack. Speaking of which, I'd like to point out that the riffs on this record are a notch above your standard rethrash fair, while definitely within the maxims of the genre they seem to have a lot more flavor than many of the riffs of bands like Evile. However more variety might allow them to get a more powerful overall sound.

In conclusion, this is an EP that pays full tribute to acts like Exodus and Kreator. A chunky slab of crossover thrash Demon Prayers sound is only just starting to get defined. Yet if these five tracks are any indication of what the band is capable of Demon Prayers may just be able to carve out a spot in metal history next to the greats like Municipal Waste. If you're looking for tasty young thrash metal then Demon Prayers is the group for you, they have tight songwriting and a marvelously bass heavy sound that should appeal to many a lover of 80s thrash.

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