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Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to Destroy Angels-Welcome Oblivion GUEST POST from Brynn Alexander


March 5th may be a good day or a bad day for Nine Inch Nails Fans, depending on how you look at it.  Although How to Destroy Angels is missing the hardcore industrial edge that NIN had in its heyday, the tradeoff is that Trent Reznor's songwriting style has matured greatly, and his tracks have a depth and subtlety they once lacked.

Of course, this is small consolation if you miss the days of Trent's loud screaming guitars and even louder screaming vocals.  He doesn't even sing on Welcome Oblivion, leaving that task to his beautiful and talented wife, former West Indian Girl singer Mariqueen Maandig.  The mood is definitely dark and moody, with a rumbling deep-seated discontent rather than the blatant rage of NIN.

Fans of Trent Reznor's more recent soundtrack work will likely enjoy Welcome Oblivion, with older industrial fans perhaps not finding much to rock out to here.  Nonetheless, this is a strong collection of songs from one of the masters of the industrial world, and his skill at songwriting, performing, and production can't be denied.  At the very least, this is definitely an album to check out.  The album is coming out March 5th, in both CD and vinyl editions, with digital downloads available as well. 

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