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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Heartless-Certain Death

A blazing 8 track hardcore punk record filled with an unrelenting hatred and a crushing power Heartless's Certain Death is a tribute to the enduring power of their genre. Their is an incredible dedication to face ripping brutality here, a dedication that pulverizes ear drums and destroys skulls. With only the albums ultimate song going over the two minute mark Certain Death is a blazingly fast show of how gloriously heavy the genre can get. With their stunning debut Hell is Other People Heartless have showed a lot of potential, and this record seems to be the groups greatest achievement to date.

I love the mix of extremely fast and extremely slow  that can be found on Certain Death it gives the music an almost grindcore like vibe at times. The pummeling riffs drive into the skull of even the most hardened metalhead. And please note, even if this group is 'metallic hardcore' there is nothing here that could be compared to Hatebreed, instead, this is a record that is much more reminiscent of Siege or possibly Extreme Noise Terror. In short, Heartless are fully go for the throat, casting all other musical elements asides and waterboarding the listener with an incredibly powerful and violent sound.

To finish, these Pennsylvania natives make me even more proud of my home state. Gloriously vicious, violent and unholy this is a band who will rip your face off and then force it into a blender. Their sound is powerful, intimidating and simply brutal. Dedicated to an older style of hardcore punk, one that has sadly very much died out, I would love to see Heartless head a revolution, bringing back true hardcore. For fans of extremely vicious ear punishing punk then Certain Death is a record that should appeal. Potential fathers of a new punk movement I would love to see where Heartless take their music in the future!

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