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Monday, April 29, 2013

Desecrator-Live Til Death

A band who claim to be thrash metals tombstone Desecrators live debut Live Til Death is a crushing 8 track testament to all that is thrash. Far from their re-thrash contemporaries Desecrator go back to the roots of the genre and emulate the sounds of bands like Testament and Dark Angel. They use classic thrash stylings for an end result that is twisted and beautiful, something that captures the heart of the listener and then shatters it under waves of distortion and flashy guitar solos. Raw, evil and honest, this is a stellar live debut from a band who seek to be the be all and end all of thrash metal.

This group has a great understanding of how to riff. Songs like Little Jimmy Black showcase the groups stellar songwriting capacities. The staccato riffs and vicious playing embody what Desecrator is all about, pure and unholy thrash metal dedicated to crushing skulls and starting massive circle pits across the globe. Another thing which is not to be missed is the groups incredible live energy, it was an excellent idea to make their debut a live album, it allows the band to showcase their trademark ferocity in its natural home, the underground metal show.

To finish, Live Til Death shows a great new hope for the Australian thrash metal scene. This is a band who can rip off heads and start up huge mosh pits through their intricate fills, ridiculously energetic drumming and beautifully twisted vocals. A band who seek to go beyond your standard re-thrash act Desecrator are a breath of fresh air in the modern thrash scene. They are bringing the genre to new levels while accurately emulating the thrash metal of yesteryear. For classic and modern metalheads alike this is a group that should unite forces and help thrash rise to a new level of prominence.

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