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Monday, April 29, 2013



HI-GH are an ear electrifying thrash metal band who are clearly very influenced by the likes of Motorhead and other such 80s speed metal bands. What this group really makes me wonder is if there can be re-thrash can we have re-speed? With a brilliant fusion of rock and roll with thrash metal HI-GH provide a logical evolution on the music of Motorhead, keeping the rock roots but taking it to new extremes. There are nice touches of hardcore punk here and there too, they add a lot of flavor to the music and are nicely contrasted by the occasionally operatic vocals found on song like HI-GH (Can You Roll it For Me). In short, a young and crazy rock and roll band who turn their rock vibe all the way to the max and create a sound that is vicious, ferocious and decidedly fun. This collection of short tracks are heavy metal and unashamed of it, filled with epic lyrics, flashy solos and crazed riffs HI-GH are a joy to listen too and I'm excited to see where they take their no holds barred sound in the future!

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