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Monday, April 29, 2013

Pink Tatami

Pink Tatami

A bass heavy hard rock band Pink Tatami is an explosive group who alternate between later and more ambient passages with more aggressive explosions of mosh friendly metal. These guys are clearly talented songwriters and tracks like Chapter & Verse showcase how this band can seamlessly transition between these extremes. Take care to realize though that the vast majority of this groups music is on the lighter side (relatively speaking), but they are not afraid to get heavy. There is also a tasty hip hop influence here that adds a lot of flavor to the sound. Be it in the semi-rapped sections or in the techno infused intro of The Employee there is quite a bit of depth to this groups music. Add in some atmospheric guitar riffs and you've got yourself an incredibly varied band who somehow manage to make their music flow as one elegant whole. In conclusion, if you're on the search for a crunchy band who use concepts of light and dark to fuse metal rock and funk with more modern influences then Pink Tatami is the band for you!

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