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Monday, April 29, 2013

Diabolo Strange

Diablo Strange - EP cover art

A pumping and powerful rock band from New Brunswick Diablo Strange are here to bust some skulls. Their gritty rock and roll sound is reminiscent of great bands like Clutch or even The Black Keys. They have a great vibe to them that makes their new EP Diablo Strange a joy to listen to. It practically pulses with stellar riffs and tasty drum beats. What really needs to be noted about this act is that their music revolves around the riff. Songs like Drive are great examples of this, the entire meat of the piece coming from only a few ostinatos. Yet somehow it works and comes across as incredibly tasty. Another important thing to note is that their is a great dedication to plain old rocking in Diablo Strange's music. Clearly apparent in their crazed solos or the gruff almost Lemmy-like vocals this is a band who at their core, really just want to rock. In sum, if you're looking for a band to check out after listening to every Clutch album half a dozen times then Diabolo Strange is for you! With a wonderful dedication to Chuck Berry's music this is a band I could easily listen too for hours!

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