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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vigour-No Gods To Praise

A Greek black metal band with an incredibly grim sound and inner darkness that few acts can ever truly emulate Vigour have released a harsh and unforgiving record with No Gods to Praise. After 8 years of existence the group has finally released an incredible black metal debut, an incredibly evil and frostbitten record that flaunts musicians who not only understand how to execute excellent black metal, but also the spirit of excellent black metal. The end result is a twisted and hypnotic record that could capture the hearts of thousand of black metal warriors across the globe.

Yet, do not think that this record only focuses on being grim and evil. There is a certain melodic majesty here that is especially clear on songs like Phantasmorgia. they are a tribute to the groups musicianship. The creeping melodies fit in perfectly with songs, which are clearly written by experienced purveyors of the genre.  The shrieks are very well executed and they fully communicate the groups highly intelligent lyrics. I especially love the thought provoking words on the song Fallen which features haunting passages like "I'm at the edge of an abyss which I don't understand/Deep in my soul/Even if it would add more pain I feel in my inner parts" This fairly sets the tone for the whole record, intelligent and often religious themes very much within the maxims of the genre.

In conclusion, this is a stellar black metal release that should set the tone for the hopefully prolific career of  Vigour. An uncompromising black metal band who fully embrace their inner evil their sound is at once intriguing and beautiful. It is an enrapturing experience, something that very few black metal records can truly create. Theirs is a sound that embodies the magic of black metal and seems ready to take their music across the globe. In short, I am very interested to see where they take their fascinating and strangely melodic music in the future. If this record is any indicator only good things are in store for this band!

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