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Monday, April 15, 2013

Easy Trigger- Bullshit

Driving rock and roll with a healthy dose of heavy metal and trve grit, Easy Trigger is a fun and sleazy hard rock band. Their premier album Bullshit is a high powered and hard rocking tribute to the magic of the devils music. A record that has a bit of everything, from power ballads to quasi death growls, from pop punk parts to driving thrash this is a very fun party metal record that should be enjoyed by many hard rock and modern metal fans. Dirty, grimy and filled with a dedication to all that is rock Bullshit is a anthemic and powerful record that shows a band just starting their journey into the world of rock.

This album has a lot of raw filth in it, this allows the music to take on a bit of a glam quality. At times reminiscent of Sunset Strip lords like the Sleez Beez Easy Trigger understand how to make edgy rock that can still appeal to the masses. Some of the more vicious riffs are even reminiscent of bands like Hardcore Superstar. Meanwhile, the bouncier and more fiery parts remind me distinctly of Motley Crue. I'd also like to point out that their are quite a few wonderful choruses to be had on this record. Its a lot of fun to sing along with some of the bands more epic tracks! It really is just a testament to the groups solid songwriting and the effort they poured into this record.

In conclusion, with Bullshit Easy Trigger have created a fun and vibrant hard rock record that would appeal to any fan of the sleazy stuff. This records twelve tracks are dripping with a classic LA might, while still succeeding in incorporating some more modern elements into their sound, Easy Trigger find a great fusion of styles that many a metalhead will love. The end result is a tasty record with lots of flashy solos and headbanging riffs. A very solid overall effort it will be interesting to see where Easy Trigger take their explosive sound in the future!

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