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Monday, April 15, 2013


Scylla is a punishing black metal band from Ireland. Their evil black metal sound is often tinged with the dark elements of bands like 1349 or the more frostbitten sound of black metal lords Immortal. I really love the touches of death metal that the band incorporates into their sound it really gives the music some flavor. The introduction of their song Purgatory is especially reminiscent of the violent guitar riffs of Amon Amarth. IN addition, there are some wonderful touches of folk metal that add a wonderful  edge to the music. They help to create a beauty and a depth that gives the music a staying power. It truly makes their new record, Nascency, worth many a spin. As a whole, these guys produce some very tight black metal that does not shy away from becoming super grim and evil. They have a great sense of how to make frozen and extraordinarily dark riffs that flow into each other with the crushing power of Thor himself. A powerful band with a lot of potential, it seems like only good things are in store for these guys!

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