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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Forlorn Path

Forlorn Path is a simply fascinating blackened doom metal band who fuse black metal riffs with doom metals crushing forward motion. The destructive might of this band as well as their mystical sound come together to form something that is both memorable and strangely beautiful. The melancholy magic of songs like Empire of Decadence is hard to match. Meanwhile, the lyrics are also profound and beautiful, their records title track Mans Last Portrait's chorus goes "Life we know is now a memory/And the Earth treks on without a tear/With broad strokes of dolor, man's last portrait is painted" This is just a hint at the majesty that lies within Forlorn Path's music. Their incredibly speedy riffs are often tempered with atmospheric keyboard lines that help the band to have a much more full and meaningful sound. It adds a lot of flavor to some of the more bare bones compositions. In conclusion, fans of black and doom metal should love this group for their excellent songwriting and generally overwhelming music.

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