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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Gawither is an explosive crossover thrash band in the vein of Municipal Waste. Clearly worshippers of bands like Violator, Destruction and older Metallica this is a band who turn up to 11 and are here to crack some skulls. With a fun sound filled with tons of hard moshing riffs and oodles of groove Gawither is not a band you will soon  forget. Their solid songwriting makes for an EP that stays always fresh and has lots of hectic solos. The crazed drumming is another highlight of the bands sound, and though it could be a bit better mixed it defnitely adds a garage rock feel to the music. I especially love the extremely rapid drumming on the bridge of Money Isn't Freedom. I'd also like to note the huge choruses which are a lot of fun to sing a long too. They really show the magic that old school thrash metal can have. With a wonderful respect for thrash and a great sense of fun and humor this is a band that all old school thrashers should love. Rife with explosive riffs, a dedication to metal and fiery solos Gawither should be delivering excellent crossover thrash for years to come!

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