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Saturday, April 13, 2013


A destructive technical death metal band from Montpellier, France this is a band who I saw last night and was simply stunned by their incredible guitar work. It was technical, tight, and very mosh worthy. Now I'm sitting back and listening to their album and being stunned all over again. Gravity know how to make incredible death metal that resonates with the listener and is worth many a listen. There are oodles of solos and a ton of fabulous riffs that give Eutheria more than its fair share of death metal magic. With more potential than many modern death metal bands and find a great fusion of technicality with a more back to the basics hardcore sound.

Fronted by a petite Frenchwoman its shocking to hear the incredibly vicious growls that she rips out throughout this record. They give the music a wonderful aura of raw evil. Yet she fuses these nicely with almost operatic cleans that add a lot of flavor to the music. They are perfectly implemented and truly compliment the music. However, as I said before, the highlight of this album is the guitar work. From the chunky and occasionally djenty guitar riffs to the epic eight finger tapped solos this record has layers of usicla mastery that will take many spins to fully understand. In addition, the bass playing is fabulous, with tons of heavy riffs and chunky breakdowns that. As a whole, their album Eutheria is a visionary and oftentimes inspiring release!

In sum, this is an album that any fan of technical death metal or even of just standard issue death metal stuff MUST buy. It is an inspiring and epic release that never leaves the listener bored and constantly flies to new heights of both technicality and raw speed and anger. This female fronted group seem more than ready to take on the international stage, equipped with a pair of great guitarists and an absolutely insane bass player its hard to find a tech death band this tight on the modern scene. If you're looking for a young new death metal band to worship, Gravity is right for you!

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