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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Scientic is a nifty prog band from Denmark and Sweden. With a highly melodic sound these guys are almost more Dream Theater than Dream Theater. There are explosive solos and epic arrangements that create majestic and swirling sounds that carry the listener off on the wings of the groups virtuosic skill. True visionaries Scientic is in many ways the epitome of modern prog. A band that uses chunky rhythms, ridiculous solos and has a great lead singer any old school fan of prog will enjoy these guys while more modern fans while appreciate their hyper  technical sensibilities. Their is a bit more grit here than on many prog recordings and you especially hear this on songs like Oceania. However, that is not to say to that the music is without its more regal moments, as the band climbs the veritable prog mountainside they achieve a sort of musical nirvana. Scientic finds a wonderful balance of brutality, technicality and prog snobbery to get an end result that is inspiring and powerful. For fans of long songs and genius musicians, Scientic could very well be the next big thing!

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