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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vendetta V

A mysterious shred act from 'a creep' who lives in 'The Factory' in Armenia Vendetta V is a wonderful guitar centric shred act who could be described as a fusion of Joe Satriani with Pink Floyd for an end result that is dreamy and magical, something that seems to defy normal human comprehension. With tons of wah pedal licks and strangely vibrant compositions Vendetta V will drown you in waves of reverb soaked guitar sound, a sound that is majestic and could become huge among the virtuoso guitarist community. I particularly like the production on this record, it is definitely a cut above most one man projects and lots of interesting effects are used to give the music more flavor. Shockingly profilic, Vendetta V only started making albums last year and he has already put out four, the most recent one Returning and Siamese Twins came out a mere 5 days ago! In short, if you're looking for some excellent work from a virtuoso fusion guitarist then Vendetta V is the musician for you!

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