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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Fifth Alliance

The Fifth Alliance is a haunting experimental hardcore band who infuse their music with sludge and doom influences for an end result that is chilling and will absorb the listener into a sort of transcendent metal haze. The riffs on this record go beyond the typical post hardcore fare. (In this case post hardcore refers to group like Cult of Luna), they have a certain sort of doom metal desperation to them that gives the music a crushing power and depressive force that slowly pulverizes the listeners brain until he is struggling under the colossal force that is this bands ever driving sound. This drive is given force by the sludgy power that is found in the groups bottom end, it brings the band to a whole new level. The growls, or should I say shrieks, add a black metal taste to the music, they distance this band from groups like Hatebreed and instead place them firmly in the camp of acts like Isis and Neurosis. An oftentimes frightening and destructive band this group has an incredibly harsh and unforgiving sound that should appeal to many lovers of post metal.

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