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Friday, April 19, 2013


Mindfeeder is an explosive power metal band from Portugal with a high powered sound that should appeal to all fans of bands like Hammerfall. With epic choruses and ferocious vocals Mindfeeder have a swooping sound that brings their power metal music straight to the heart. With fun riffs and a lot of flashy solos their new album Endless Storm is a powerful tribute to the magic that power metal can have. Filled with explosive riffs and lots of crazed headbanging magic this is a record that should appeal to any and all fans of Gamma Ray and Heavenly (who this band shares a producer with). It's easy to fall in love with Mindfeeders joyful power metal sound and I could see these guys taking on the world stage on a label like Nuclear Blast in the near future. A tight and explosive release the future seems to only have good things coming for the glorious power metallers in Mindfeeder. With strong songwriting and a great understanding of the genre this is an act that should make waves on the power metal scene in 2013.

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