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Friday, April 19, 2013


Wulfhook is a fiery heavy metal band from Detroit. Their twin guitar attack has been shredding up audiences since April of 2011. In the classic Judas Priest tradition Wulfhook push a gritty New Wave Of British Heavy Metal style sound that showcases the bands musical talent and allows for some hard rocking good times. With lots of flashy solos and soaring vocals that still retain a Paul D'Ianno like grit Wulfhook are an act that will appeal to many a fan of classic heavy metal. With a great sense of how to riff and some really spicy songs these guys would not seem at all out of place in the early 1980s heavy metal scene. Yet this band is not without a soft side, the epic acoustic intro of sacrifice shows that these guys know how to do more than just rock, they can also create vivid and beautiful soundscapes before shattering them with a blast of booming metal might. In conclusion, this is an act that fans of NWOBHM and other early metal acts should love, with fun fills, a great set of lead guitarists and a tight rhythmic section Wulfhook will not disappoint!

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