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Tuesday, April 30, 2013



An impressive hardcore thrash band from Venezuela who purvey an old school hardcore sound and infuse it with a raw thrash metal energy yet don't leave behind the genres trademark breakdowns. An interesting and logical, yet still surprisingly fresh fusion of genres N.W.D find an incredible combination of Discharge and Exodus for an end result that is an interesting and unique sound that could easily become huge. With a potential appeal to a large fanbase (the thrash guys AND the hardcore punks) I could see these guys becoming subculture united legends. Yet I feel like they need to polish their sound a bit more to get the sound they are really searching for. As is, they show a lot of promise and I really like the sound they are getting, yet these guys have the potential to be so much more! In short, these guys are stunning and when they get their groove on minds are blown, yet they need to tighten there sound before they can fully achieve thrash metal godhood So, if you're looking for a potential packed young thrashcore act then search no more, N.W.D are gearing up to take the world by storm!

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