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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Orchard Hill

Orchard Hill are a nifty post hardcore band who give their music liberal doses of djent and progressive metal to make something a lot smoother flowing and more elegant than a lot of modern post hardcore. Since 2011 these guys have been creating crushing riffs in the heart of Poughkeepsie. Their music has a lot more drive and power than most acts in their genre. In addition, a lot of their parts remind me of the quasi-legendary Periphery, which reveals the groups great musical chops. I'd also like to point out the back and forth clean vocals are surprisingly well done. I think it might simply be because this bands clean vocalist has an excellent voice which allows Orchard Hill to transcend a lot of the boring modern stuff. The devastating might of their breakdowns is also very impressive, they add a lot of flavor to the music. In sum, tight songwriting, strong musicians and powerful vocals allow Orchard Hill to prove themselves as capable musicians fronting a new wave of post hardcore that can bring a new age of glory to the genre.

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