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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Project Silence-424

I rarely get to review solid aggrotech on my blog, so when I do, I revel in it. Project Silence is an incredible aggrotech band from Kupio with a powerful and inspiring sound that keeps the listener tuned in for hours on end. A varied and majestic album that I could spin a dozen times in a day 424 shows the magic that dark electronic music can have. The product of stellar songwriting, oodles of meedly guitar solos and lots of very heavy beats 424 is accessible enough that it will capture the heart of any fan of extreme music, not just aggrotech and electric body music diehards. 

I love the song structures used throughout this record, they give the music a wonderful bounce and generally a lot of flavor. Their is also a particularly excellent synergy between the guitars and the synthesizer. This is especially apparent on the heavier parts of tracks like Pressure_Revolution. I also want to take a moment to point out the magnificent guitar solos that are quite clearly a key part of the music. They are not at all otiose even if they are occasionally flashy, instead they feel like natural extensions to the songs. That's the true magic of 424 this is an album that feels natural, even though it is wholly industrial.

To finish, this is a record that could provide a fitting introduction for many to the wonderful genre that is aggrotech. Filled with twisted beats and inspiring solos this is an album that goes beyond normal aggrotech, instead it reaches out and takes the music to a new level, finding an elegant fusion of electronica and metal. Rather than going to far in one direction or another Project Silence find a magical balance. Wonderful beats and sick screams unite to create an unholy and beautiful record that I certainly will be listening to many more times in the weeks to come. 

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