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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wall of the Eyeless-Wimfolsfestta

A death metal group from Sweden. After astounding me when I reviewed them last August they are now back band who might be called 'like Wood of Ypres but with death metal' Wall of the Eyeless are a fantastic with a stellar EP with the hard to pronounce title of Wimfolsfestta. This collection of four epic and swirling extre metal tracks is something that should appeal to all fans of the more intelligent stuff. With an ability to shift from Pallbearers doom to Morbid Angels raw aggression in just the space of a few bars this is a band that never leaves me bored.

On my fourth spin of their new EP I'm still discovering new aspects to their sound. From the surprisingly powerful drive on The Longest Winter to the acoustic mastery on Revulsion Fever their is a bit of everything to be had. I really love the way they incorporate clean vocals into their sound, they add a lot of flavor to the music and further the doom feel. However, they could be a bit more polished overall. I really like the solos on this record, I think they are tastefully done and add a lot of flavor to the music. As a whole, this record is incredibly varied and very interesting, something many a hardcore death metaller should love.

Yet despite all this, I get the sense that the band has not fully achieved their full potential. The riffs are tight and the musicianship excellent yet I hear a yearning for something truly magnificent. Much like Wood of Ypres, I get the feeling that the third time will be the charm, what all of their previous efforts have built up to. I'd like to hear more tracks like Piercing Mist, which absolutely blew my head off, it showed the full capability of the band to create something lasting and powerful. The first two Wall of the Eyeless EPs have shown promise, yet they seem to be pushing towards something bigger and more epic and I can not wait to be there when they unveil it!

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